The Brand

About the Brand

K. Jones is a unique life style brand designed and handcrafted in Houston, Texas by Kendra Jones. Her mission is to ignite something within YOU confidence, excitement, femininity and enough courage to be the most authentic, unapologetic, version of yourself.

 The Jewelry

Original one of a kind designs by fusing metals with natural stones. Additionally, we apply experimental techniques such as wire wrapping, hand forging, and metalsmithing to produce authentic creations. Each piece’s color palette often reflects the color schemes found in nature.

Artwork (Illustrations)

K. Jones illustrations are inspired by the simplicity, colors, and shapes found from observing the chic designs in nature, love, and art.  The creative process starts by sketching and using a selective color palette from modern fashion. All illustrations are created and digitally painted in Procreate, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop .

“My goal to give customers eclectic designs that expresses their natural beauty, empower self-love and to add a little beauty confirmation.”

Kendra Jones